Movie Analysis: The Tree of Life

What do rowdy boys, engineers, the Creation of the universe, and family tragedy have in common? If you have ever watched The Tree of Life (2011), then you will probably recall that these were all part of this engaging cinema. When I saw that I had an opportunity to critique a film for my Aesthetic Appreciation […]

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Modern Era: Illusory Art

Prepare to see the world in a new way. The images I am about to present will play with your mind! The work I would like to focus your attention on today comes from two artists: Rob Gonsalves and Erik Johansson. Although their styles are different, both of these men seem to have the common goal […]

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Early Modern Era: Society Develops

In my mind, the early 20th century was a defining period in history. Leading up to this, intelligent men such as Edison and Tesla were opening doors to a new era of conveniences. In the early 20th century, new inventions such as the automobile, the electric light, and the airplane took root and saw widespread use. New styles […]

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Romantic Era: Photography is Born

The Romantic Era was the parent of a new art form: photography. Although photographic methods were crude in the 1800s and the resulting images lacked sharp detail and color, I believe that photography back then was a form of art. In this blog, I plan to show you two photographs from the 1800s and discuss artistic elements […]

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Baroque Music: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

The Baroque period witnessed many new developments in the musical arena. During this era, music was impacted by religion. The Catholic Church—over a millennium old—was challenged by the Protestant Reformation. Protestantism stirred up Europe, and the Catholic Church, led by Pope Paul III, reciprocated by forming the Counter-Reformation. Throughout the years 1545-1563, the Council of Trent decided […]

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